Truck Transmission & Clutch Repair Services in Cumming, Georgia

Your transmission is the first component of an incredibly complex drivetrain. It’s responsible for optimizing your engine’s power and is often regarded as being one of the most important parts of your heavy-duty truck. If your transmission is overheating or you're having trouble shifting, we highly recommend bringing your truck in for service. At Lanier Truck Repair, we offer our high-quality transmission repair services to those within the Cumming, Georgia, area. With time-tested processes and the know-how to get any transmission-related job done, you can’t go wrong visiting our shop.

Mechanic perfomring transmission and clutch repairs at Lanier Truck Repair

Symptoms of Transmission Malfunction


If your transmission starts to overheat, you may have a problem with your transmission cooler or the fluid itself. If the fluid isn’t changed on a regular basis, it won’t lubricate your components as much as it should. Not to mention it also won’t absorb enough radiant heat, which means your transmission cooler won’t be able to alleviate that extra heat. If you’re confident your fluid is fine, you may need to get your transmission cooler inspected. 

Trouble Shifting Gears

Trouble shifting gears is usually the fault of old transmission fluid or damaged shifting mechanisms. Over time, debris can build up in your transmission, which may require an entire transmission flush. Fortunately, we here at Lanier Truck Repair are transmission experts. We’ll have your transmission shifting like new before you know it. For more information about what may cause shifting trouble, give us a call. 

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