Truck HVAC System Repair Services in Cumming, Georgia

Truck drivers that traverse North American roads need a properly functioning HVAC system in order to keep their drivers safe and comfortable. Although these systems are generally self-contained, they may require maintenance and repair from time to time. Fortunately for those in and around Cumming, Georgia, we here at Lanier Truck Repair have your back. With time-tested processes, a full roster of mechanics, and the equipment and tools to complete any job, Lanier Truck Repair is the place to call. Whether you need a new evaporator core or basic preventive maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

Mechanic performing HVAC system repair at Lanier Truck Repair

Common HVAC Services in Cumming, GA

Air Filter Replacement

A lot of people presume their engine air filter is responsible for removing impurities from both your HVAC system's air and your engine’s air. That’s not true. Your cabin has its own air filter, and it needs to be changed on a regular basis to ensure your HVAC system works properly. Over time, this filter can get clogged and prevent sufficient amounts of air from flowing through your system. 

Evaporator Core

Is moisture building up in your passenger compartment? If so, you may need to get your evaporator core cleaned or repaired. This core is responsible for removing excess moisture from your passenger compartment, but at times it can malfunction or get clogged. At Lanier Truck Repair, we’ll have your evaporator core working better than ever! Our technicians are highly-trained and are very well-versed in HVAC system repair. 

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