Truck Axle Repair Services in Cumming, Georgia

Your heavy-duty axles are the final step in an otherwise very complex drivetrain. They’re responsible for putting power on your wheels and are directly connected to your differentials. Since these parts are constantly moving, they need to be lubricated at all times. The vast majority of axle housing setups see axles and differential gears sharing the same fluid. This means if your differential plate or axle seals start to leak, both components are affected. At Lanier Truck Repair, we’ll repair the leaking gasket or seal and top up your fluid. We have the services and solutions for axle problems of all kinds.

Mechanic performing Axle repair services from Lanier Truck Repair

Common Axle Problems

Lubricant Failure

Heavy-duty axles are generally quite sturdy, and don’t break very often. When they do break, it’s generally due to lubrication failure. Both your axles and your differential share the same fluid, meaning if one component’s seal leaks, the enter assembly is affected. Low lubricant levels mean excess friction and heat within the housing, which means your parts are at a higher risk of snapping. At Lanier Truck Repair, we’ll have your axle housing repaired and lubricated in no time. If you need new axles, we’ll do that too! 

Snapped Axle

If you have a snapped axle, you’ll likely notice that your heavy-duty truck has acceleration issues. This is because your differential is transferring power to the wheel with the least amount of resistance, which just so happens to be the wheel with axle damage. Since differentials act based on the path of least resistance, you may have no power reaching your wheels across that entire axle assembly. On trucks with locking differentials, you’ll only receive 50% of the power at best, hence the acceleration issues. 

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